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About Kids Craft Weekly

My name is Amber Carvan and I really *really* like craft.

That's me in the photo with my lovely craft-loving kids and my best crazy person grin. Oh and that's our trusty yellow craft table which features in most photos in the newsletter and on this website.

I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains – about 100km west of Sydney, Australia.

I started Kids Craft Weekly back in 2006 when I was at home full-time with both kids and felt I was slowly going insane. I *know* that you know what I'm talking about.

Eventually I discovered that doing craft together was a fabulous way to keep all of us happy. I started crafting like a lunatic and couldn't stop myself from coming up with new ideas

One day I came up with the idea of a free email newsletter as a way of sharing these projects with other parents.

Each issue of the Kids Craft Weekly newsletter contains a selection of craft ideas – organised by theme – that are cheap, educational, child-friendly and fun.

To get every issue of Kids Craft Weekly delivered to your in-box for free all you have to do is subscribe.

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I hope that you enjoy the newsletter and thanks for dropping by!

Amber Carvan


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