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 ISSUE 40   •   23 SEPTEMBER 2007  
   This issue: babies


1. Editorial
2. Colourful shaker
3. Contrast colour mobile

4. Baby book
5. Featured subscriber blog

1. Editorial

There has been a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes at Kids Craft Weekly in recent months. I am very pleased to announce that the late nights have paid off and we're finally making our long-awaited print debut.

Take a sneak peek at the new Kids Craft Weekly book

Everyday Craft is the first in a series of Kids Craft Weekly mini-books for you to collect. It features a selection of original crafts that you can make using materials from around the house.

It includes some Kids Craft Weekly favourites such as 'Woolly Sheep' along with some fabulous new crafts like 'Bendy Robot' and 'Junk Mail Jewellery'. It also collects some useful crafty recipes and tips for integrating craft into your day-to-day life with the littlies.

If you're interested you can take a sneak peek at what's inside and pre-oder your copy now!

Pre-ordering means that you will be guaranteed a copy from the first edition limited print run. It also entitles you to a special discounted price.

I'm so excited about how it's turned out and feel confident that you will be too. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support – I wouldn't have thought to attempt this without your kind words and encouragement.

Meanwhile, thanks to Rebecca for suggesting the theme of 'babies' for this issue. I hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

2. Colourful shaker

Putting together this easy shaker is a great excuse to colour some rice! It's also a sweet token gift for a young child to give to a baby or toddler. Keep some of the rice in the craft cupboard when you're finished – it's great for making colourful artwork.

You will need

• food colouring
uncooked rice
plastic containers
spoon or stick
empty plastic bottle with lid


1. Tip a small amount of rice into a plastic container and add a few drops of food colouring. Stir and repeat using whatever other colours you have available.

2. Put them in the sun to dry – shouldn't take long. If you've put too much food colouring, just add more rice.

3. Use a funnel to get the rice in the bottle.

4. Screw lid on tightly and fasten with tape. Then, shake!

2. Contrast colour mobile

Up to the age of about six months babies respond best to bold contrasting colours – especially black and white.

This cute mobile features high contrast symbols for those little eyes and lots and lots of sticker dots which are perfect for the preschooler making it. If you're not in the mood for a mobile, use the technique to create a dot picture.

You will need

• thin black card
small white dot stickers
a pale coloured pencil


1. Fold the black cardboard in half and cut out four different shapes. You should have eight shapes in total – two sets of four.

2. Lightly draw on some geometric patterns with a pale coloured pencil.

3. Use the lines as a guide for applying the stickers.

4. Tape lengths of ribbon to the rear of one set of shapes and glue one set of shapes to the other.

5. Tie to a long length of ribbon and hang the mobile somewhere where a baby can safely enjoy it.

4. Baby book

Has your little one reached that age where they're really intrigued to hear what they were like as a baby? If so it's a perfect time to sit down together and make a baby book!

You will need

• paper
• hole punch


1. Re-print or photocopy some of your favourite baby pictures. Then cut some sheets of paper to size and fasten them using wool or ribbon.

2. Glue in the photos in chronological order and write some simple observations underneath.

3. For extra fun, include some pictures of other family members as babies!

5. Featured subscriber blog

New to the Neighbourhood

"To Do List for Babies and Toddlers in Portland Oregon."

To have your blog featured in this section just send in your web address and I'll add you to the list. But be warned, the waiting list is currently very long.


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