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 ISSUE 86   •   3 FEBRUARY 2010  
   This issue: Valentine's Day Favourites


1. Editorial
2. Easy Kiss Cards
3. Colourful Heart Bough
4. Valentine Sponge Stamps

1. Editorial

Hello and welcome to the first newsletter for 2010! I've had a wonderful six week break from Kids Craft Weekly and am feeling really motivated as we move forward into the new year.

It's looking as though 2010 will be a year of change, and hopefully progress, for our little family. I'm facing a period of unemployment at the end of this month. While I'm very anxious about how I'm going to make ends meet (!) I'm also pretty excited at the idea of having some extra time for Kids Craft Weekly which remains a real passion for me.

If all goes well I'll hopefully have the chance to start on a website re-design/overhaul and maybe even to put together an all-new book which would be great fun. Also I have an amazing idea for an all new crafty project but that's still a secret for now. We'll see how it goes – a lot will depend on how long I can make those savings last for :)

But that's all in the future. For this issue I've put together some of the most popular Valentine's Day crafts from previous issues. If none of these ideas take your fancy I suggest you head on over to The Crafty Crow because Cassi has put up some great new Valentine's Day Crafts.

You can expect a Chinese New Year newsletter next week which, coincidentally, falls on Valentine's Day this year.

As always, thank you so much for your support – it's lovely to be back.

Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

2. Easy Kiss Cards

These simple kiss cards are quick, cute and very appealing. Use them as simple valentines or as gift tags on a sweet valentine's day treat.

You will need:

• lipstick
hole punch
laminator (optional)


1. Trace around an egg ring (or something similar) to make circular shapes on cardboard.

2. Cut out the circles.

3. Put on some lipstick and give each of the circles a kiss.

4. Write your valentine's message on the back of the card. Then laminate (optional) before punching a small hole and threading a ribbon through.

3. Colourful Heart Bough

The kids really enjoyed making these colourful hearts – it's such a fun project, even for little ones. If you don't want to make the bough you could use the hearts on cards, as gift tags or even on a mobile. 

You will need

• different colours of paper
white glue and brush
sequins or glitter
• twig


1. Tear up pieces of colourful paper and glue them onto some thin card using watered down white glue.

2. Add some bling for good measure and wait for the paper to dry.

3. Cut out heart shapes from the colourful paper – we traced around a heart-shaped cookie cutter to get the hearts all the same size.

4. Tape the hearts to the ends of a twig.

5. And there you have a beautiful valentine's day bough to decorate your home or to give to a special someone.

4. Valentine Sponge Stamps

This very simple idea can be used in heaps of different ways to make pretty cards, tags, giftwrap and other embellishments for valentine's day. When you're finished you can wash your sponge stamp out with water and keep hold of it for next year!

You will need

• dish sponge
white acrylic paint
card or paper


1. Cut a heart shape from a dish sponge. We traced around our heart-shaped cookie cutter but you could also just draw a heart and cut it out.

2. Stamp onto red or pink card using white paint.

3. Trim around the edges and there you have a very sweet and simple valentine.

4. We used the same method to print hearts on brown paper – great valentine's day gift wrap!

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