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Easy Christmas tree ornaments

Young kids love to get involved in the build up to Christmas and, let's face it,
there's nothing quite like hanging your own handmade ornament on the Christmas tree.

Here are some ideas for easy tree decorations that kids can make.

1.  Easy pipecleaner wreaths

This is an easy way to involve very young children in making christmas decorations. The tinsel style of piepcleaner works particularly well for this craft, but any old pipecleaner will do the trick.

You will need

• pipecleaners

1. Twist a loop in the centre of the pipecleaner.

2. Start threading beads on each side of the loop. When you have only a small amount of pipecleaner visible, join the two ends firmly together, being careful to conceal any sharp ends underneath the beads.

2.  Simple paper lanterns

These simple and elegant lanterns make striking tree decorations and also look spectacular when strung like a garland on a long piece of ribbon.

You will need

colourful paper
sticky tape

1. Fold a rectangular piece of paper in half lengthways. Then make numerous cuts at even intervals from the fold towards to within about half a centimetre from the opposite side.

2. Unfold and sticky tape the two short ends of the paper together. Make a small handle using ribbon or another strip of paper.

3.  Rustic pastry ornaments

These pastry ornaments don't require any fancy baking skills or time consuming preparation. Simply purchase some frozen sheets of shortcrust pastry and you're well on your way!

You will need

sheets of shortcrust pastry
cookie cutters
a pen lid
nuts and seeds for decorating
egg yolk and pastry brush

1. Wait 15 minutes for the pastry to thaw. Then, cut out pastry shapes using cookie cutters.

2. Place shapes on a baking tray and use a pen lid to punch holes in the ornaments. Then brush with beaten egg yolk and decorate using nuts and seeds.

3. Bake for 10 minutes (or until lightly brown) at 180 degrees C (375 F). Leave ornaments on tray to cool. Then attach ribbon and string up.

4.  Elegant origami hangings

These beautiful decorations have an elegance and weight to them that is just delightful. They look great on the tree and also hung from the mantelpiece or in doorways. 

You will need

origami paper squares

1. Fold origami. I have used a paper crane in this example which is suitable for children aged 8 and older.
However, you could use any number of different origami folds depending on the age and skill level of your child. I suggest starting here for a good list of easy origami suitable for kids.

2. Thread some beads on to a piece of cotton, and then sew this through the centre of the origami figure. Make a loop with the cotton so that you can hang the ornament.

WAIT, there's more! For great Christmas ideas visit the Christmas card issue of Kids Craft Weekly.


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