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 ISSUE 14   •   15 OCTOBER 2006  
   This week's theme: colour


1. Editorial: Mixing colours
2. MAKE: rainbow salt crystals
3. MAKE: fabulous stained glass windows
4. MAKE: magnificent multicoloured eggs
MAKE: psychedelic drip drop paintings
6. More colour ideas
7. This week's featured subscriber's blog

1. Editorial: Mixing colours

You're in for a treat this week. The crafts in this 'colour' issue of kids craft weekly are among my favourite projects ever and, judging by my daughter's response, they're a hit with kids too!

Many of these crafts will give your little one a chance to have a go at mixing colours.

If, like me, you're always forgetting which primary colours make what secondary colour, here's a quick rundown. If you have a couple of kids under your charge here's a fun group activity that teaches young kids about mixing colours.

Mixing colours can be a messy affair so I think it's wise to warn you that food colouring (which is used extensively in these crafts) will stain fingers and clothes and pretty much everything it comes into contact with!

Before you get started I suggest that you lay down down newspaper, put your little one in an old t-shirt or painting smock and have an old cloth on hand for emergency spills.

Before I sign off I'd like to say thanks to those who have sent in photos for the upcoming photo gallery. I still need more photos before the gallery can go ahead so please, if you have photos of your little ones with creations that were inspired by kids craft weekly I'd really appreciate it if you could send them to me by email.

Happy crafting and see you next week!

Amber Carvan

2. MAKE: rainbow salt crystals

It was a close call but I'd say that this craft won the 'kid's choice' award this week. Most kids will love colouring the crystals so be prepared to keep dishing out new salt until the fun runs out. 

You will need

• salt
food colouring
• spoon
• baking paper
• paper

1. Put some salt into a number of small plastic containers – we used one tablespoon per bowl. Add a few drops of food colouring to each container...

2. then stir the salt around until all the salt crystals are coloured. Keep going until you've coloured all your salt.

3. Tip salt onto baking paper and allow to dry.

4. Use paper, glue and your colourful salt to create pictures. If you're not in the mood for this just store your salt in an old spice jar and use as colourful sprinkles for future craft projects.

3. MAKE: fabulous stained glass windows

Even the very young will enjoy having a go at this appealing activity. It's easy to do, requires no fancy supplies and is quick to set up, making it a terrific 'emergency' craft for desperate times.

You will need

• cellophane in several different colours
sticky contact

1. Cut cellophane into pieces.

2. Fold your piece of contact in half, then peel back half of the backing and start sticking the cellophane onto the contact.

3. Keep going until the contact is covered (or until you've run out of cellophane pieces). Then peel back the remaining backing from the contact and fold it in half.

4. Stick to a window or use your stained glass window to add opulence to a cardboard cubby house.

4. MAKE: magnificent multicoloured eggs

Before we started this activity Ella would not believe that we could change the colour of an egg – needless to say she was suitably impressed when we did. An unfortunate repercussion is that she now maintains that coloured eggs taste nicer than normal ones!

You will need

hard boiled eggs
• crayons or oil pastels
food colouring
white vinegar
hot water
plastic container
tongs or spoon

1. Draw patterns or faces on hard boiled eggs using crayons or oil pastels.

2. Create dye from adding two teaspoons of white vinegar and approximately half a teaspoon of food colouring to one cup of very hot water. Place egg in dye until it's the colour you want it to be. The longer you leave the egg, the stronger the colour will be.

3. Remove egg from dye and allow to dry. Admire it, then peel off the colourful shell and eat it for lunch!

5. MAKE: psychedelic drip drop paintings

This has to be one of my all time favourite crafts. It does require a bit of of preparation but trust me, it's well worth the effort! If you can't get hold of any rice paper from your local craft shop don't worry – this activity will work on a variety of different materials including calligraphy paper, blotting paper, crepe paper and even tissues and paper towels.

If you're happy for the outcome to be a disposable one then I suggest using tissues (just your regular Kleenex or other brand) or paper towels rather than hunting down speciality paper. 

You will need

• containers
eye droppers (one per container)
food colouring
a jug of water
rice craft paper (or tissues or paper towel)

1. Pour a small amount of water into each of the containers.

2. Add food colouring till you're happy with your range of colours.

3. Use the eye droppers to drop different colours onto the rice paper. Make sure you put something absorbent (such as a couple of paper towels or a wad of tissues) under your work as your little one is likely to make it quite wet.

4. Make drip drops or enormous colourful blots to create a beautiful picture.

6. More colour ideas

•  Make a colour chart
•  Raid the fridge and create the most colourful sandwich that you can dream up
•  Start a group colouring-in project
•  Finger paint a spectacular rainbow
•  Talk about how different colours make you feel

For more ideas read my article on how to get great mileage from a weekly theme.

7. This week's featured subscriber's blog

Boston Mamas

"Boston Mamas is written, developed, and designed by Christine Koh. Christine has spent the last decade as an academic... although all along the way, her family and friends have urged her to make better use of her artistic inclinations. Christine’s priorities shifted when she became a mama in 2004; around that time she also realized that truly, she was an artist mama at heart."

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