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 ISSUE 27   •   25 MARCH 2007  
   This issue: easter ideas


1. Editorial
2. Easy plastic bag rabbit
3. Amazing glittery eggs

4. Adorable matchbox bunny
5. Easter ideas from previous issues
. This issue's featured subscriber's blog

1. Editorial

Welcome to the Easter issue of Kids Craft Weekly!

You'll be pleased to know that this is a bumper edition featuring three great new projects, as well as a re-cap of craft ideas from previous issues that work with the Easter theme.

The bunny crafts in this newsletter are among my favourite craft projects ever and I'm sure that the glitter egg activity will please all the glitter enthusiasts among us. I was going to include a basket craft in this edition but that was before I discovered this lovely free bunny basket over at the toy maker!

If you have a go at any of these activities over the coming weeks please take a photo and send it in so that I can add it to the photo gallery. Alternatively, if you're a flickr user you can tag your photo 'kidscraftweekly' and I'll find it.

As always, if you have any suggestions for future issues please don't hesitate to write.

Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

2. Easy plastic bag rabbit

This easy rabbit is a great quick craft for kids of all ages. Have plenty of bags handy as your enthusiastic crafter won't want to stop at one!

You will need

• a plastic bag with handles
stuffing (you could use rags, polyfill, shredded paper)
two rubber bands
a permanent marker and/or dot stickers


1. Stuff a plastic bag.

2. Tie a knot at the top and put a rubber band over the bag to make a bunny head. Then add another rubber band to make a tail.

3. Draw or stick on facial features.

3. Glittery eggs

Preschoolers will love this glittery egg activity and not just for the glitter – blowing the eggs is lots of fun too!

TIP: Blow your eggs into a mixing bowl and use the contents to bake some post-craft treats!

You will need

• eggs
a needle or pin
white glue and paintbrush
lots of fine glitter


1. Stick a needle into one end of the egg. Wiggle it round a bit to make the hole a little bigger. Then stick the needle into the other end of the egg. Again, wiggle the needle around to make your hole bigger and to break up the egg yolk.

Put your mouth to one of the holes and blow the contents out the other side. If you're having difficulty, try making the holes a little bigger.  
A good technique for widenening the hole is to do a series of small pin pricks close together.

When you've finished, submerge the shell in water. Allow some water to get inside the egg before shaking it around and blowing it out.

2. Allow the egg to dry, then paint it with white glue.

3. Now it's time to add glitter. We tried a couple of different methods but found it worked best to put the egg on some paper towel. Then we carefully sprinkled glitter over the top.

4. Allow the glue to dry, then you'll have some lovely shimmery eggs!

4. Matchbox bunny

These little bunnies are so cute we could barely keep our dirty fingertips off them. Younger kids might find them a bit too fiddley to make, but kids of all ages will appreciate their undeniable bunny charm!

You will need

two paddlepop sticks (pop sticks)
white glue
acrylic paint and brushes
white pipecleaner
permanent marker
cotton wool ball or pom pom


1. Cut one of the pop sticks in half to make bunny ears. Cut the ends off the other pop stick to make little bunny feet.

2. Glue the feet to inside of the matchbox tray, and glue the ears to the matchbox cover.

3. When the glue is dry, paint the matchbox white. Then paint or draw on some bunny features.

4. Pierce a hole through the matchbox, from one side to the other, using a skewer or some scissors. Then cut two pipecleaner arms and thread them through the holes. Then glue on a cotton wool ball tail.

6. Our bunny invited a friend over for afternoon tea so I treated them both to a white chocolate egg – yum!

5. Easter ideas from previous issues

Newly hatched chicks

Originally published in the birds issue.

Pop a small egg under each of these little chicks for a cute Easter gift.

You will need

fluffy yellow wool
a pom pom maker (or cardboard, tape and scissors)
small googly eyes
scraps of felt for beak
hard boiled egg


1. Cut egg in half and carefully scoop out it's contents using a small spoon. Glue the eggshell halves onto squares of cardboard so that they stand up.

2. Make two pom poms.

3. Trim pom poms so that they fit into the shell.

4. Glue on eyes and beaks and pop the chickadees into the eggshells.

Magnificant multicoloured eggs

Originally published in the colour issue.

These colourful eggs are great fun for preschoolers. Make a basket of different coloured eggs to put on the lunch table this Easter.

You will need

hard boiled eggs
• crayons or oil pastels
food colouring
white vinegar
hot water
plastic container
tongs or spoon

1. Draw patterns or faces on hard boiled eggs using crayons or oil pastels.

2. Create dye from adding two teaspoons of white vinegar and approximately half a teaspoon of food colouring to one cup of very hot water. Place egg in dye until it's the colour you want it to be. The longer you leave the egg, the stronger the colour will be.

3. Remove egg from dye and allow to dry. Admire it, then peel off the colourful shell and eat it for lunch!

Teeny tiny spotty buckets

Originally published in the parties issue.

These adorable spotty buckets are perfect for an Easter egg hunt, or for filling with sweet treats to give to a friend.

Note: This craft idea is available as a printable project sheet. Download a copy of the PDF file (1.2 MB).

You will need

paper cups
acrylic paint and brushes
coloured cardboard
hole punch
split pins (brads)
spotty stickers to decorate


1. Paint a paper cup and allow the paint to dry.

2. Cut a strip of coloured cardboard to make a handle. Then punch holes in each end of the handle, and on either side of the paper cup.

3. Attach handle to cup using split pins.

4. Decorate using spotty stickers.

Cute nesting chooks

Originally published in the farm issue.

Hide a small chocolate egg under each of these cute chickens for an Easter surprise.

You will need

empty egg shells
yellow paper or felt
egg box
tissue paper
marker pen


1. Make nesting boxes by filling an old egg carton with thin strips of tissue paper.

2. Cut small triangles from yellow felt or paper and glue them on the eggshells to make beaks.

3. Draw on some eyes and stick a feather on the top of the chicken's head.

6. This issue's featured subscriber's blog

Coloring life inside the lines

"The things I notice, agonize over and try to appreciate about parenting two young children.

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