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 ISSUE 45   •   2 DECEMBER 2007  
   This issue: crafty gift sets


1. Editorial
2. Handmade craft kits
3. Featured subscriber blog

1. Editorial

I am very excited to present a whole issue of crafty gift ideas for the little ones!

For this issue, I have carefully selected three of our favourite projects and created some cute instruction cards that you can download and print out for free. You can then put together your own handmade gift sets which are guaranteed to bring masses of crafty joy to the recipient. Simply scroll down for all the details.

While we're on the subject of gifts, if you are planning to do any of your shopping at Amazon this Christmas please consider clicking through to Amazon using this link! By doing so, you will be gifting Kids Craft Weekly a tiny commission from Amazon for anything that you purchase, at no extra cost to you. If you shop frequently at Amazon, why not bookmark the link on your browser?

In the next issue I would like to feature your holiday craft ideas! Email me your craft ideas and images by December 12, 2007. If your idea is included in the next issue you will receive a $15 Amazon.com gift voucher plus a free copy of Everyday Craft!

One last point of business. Swap addresses for the handmade card swap are now available. If you signed up to the swap please visit this link to retrieve your list of swap recipients.

That's all for now.
Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

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2. Handmade craft kits

These handmade craft kits are great for christmas stockings or for children to put together to give to their friends. They're also good to have on hand as a special surpise to pull out when things are going pear-shaped – I'm thinking here of all those loooong christmas lunches coming up!

Get creative in the way that you package your crafty gift. Look for interesting boxes, jars, baskets, or tins to package the crafty project.

Wooden spoon puppet gift set

Our wooden spoon puppets remain one of the most popular crafts we've ever done. Put all the supplies together in a cute package and you've got a simple and creative gift with heaps of appeal.

You will need

• two wooden spoons
• small tape dispenser
• two squares of fabric
• two rubber bands
• two or three coloured markers
• wool and/or curling ribbon for hair
• gift box/container and supplies to decorate it


1. Gather together the list of supplies.

2. Print out the Wooden Spoon Puppets instruction sheet. Colour-in the sheet if you wish, or add some glitter and stickers. There's even a blank speech bubble on this set of instructions so that you can add your own personal message.

3. Find an appropriate box or container to package it in. We used an empty pastry box which we painted with a wooden spoon motif.

Match box car gift set

Little car lovers will love to make their own fleet of vehicles using this simple and very effective match box technique.

You will need

• two match boxes
• two sets of four buttons
• two thick markers in contrasting colours
• small tube of glue
• small pieces of aluminium foil

• gift box/container and supplies to decorate it


1. Gather together the list of supplies required. Before you pack all the pieces away, take the drawers out of the match boxes and then cut the top of one of the match boxes in half.

Two make two cars you will have to supply two drawers and two of the pieces that you just cut.

Print out the Match Box Cars instruction sheet. Colour-in the sheet if you wish, or add some glitter and stickers.

Find an appropriate box or container to package the supplies and instruction sheet. We glued felt cars onto a cardboard gift box.

Pet rock gift set

These pet rocks are very simple to make but the necessity for superglue means they must be made with help from an adult. Choose nice rocks from your garden or splurge on some fancy polished ones from a crystal shop.

You will need

• a selection of rocks
• some googley eyes, preferably in different sizes
• a small tube of superglue (or other strong glue)
• tiny scraps of wool, fur or fluff
• a match box
• a piece of patterned paper
• a small piece of felt
• a jar or container and supplies to decorate it

1. Gather together your list of supplies. Before you package all the bits and pieces you will need to cut the patterned paper
to the exact size and length to wrap around the matchbox. You will also need to cut a small piece of felt that will fit into the matcbox.

2. Print out the Pet Rock instruction sheet. Decorate as desired and write a personal message to the recipient.

Find an appropriate jar or container to package the supplies and instruction sheet. We had lots of fun decorating a glass jar with pet riock images. We used clear sticky contact to stick the images and label onto the jar.

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3. Featured subscriber blog

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