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Hanukkah Crafts for Kids

1.  Simple dreidel card

This simple dreidel shape is easy to make from patterned paper. Mix shapes, colours and sizes to make a range of beautiful cards for your family and friends at Hanukkah.

You will need

• blank cards
patterned paper


1. Take a rectangle of coloured paper.

2. Turn it blank side up and fold in the bottom two corners to make a point.

3. Make two snips at the opposite end and fold down the rectangular pieces on each side.

4. Apply glue and stick onto some coloured card.

2.  Macaroni Menorah

This lovely Menorah is made using dried pasta and lentils. Older children will have no problem creating this on their own. Younger ones may need an adult to draw the menorah in light pencil before they get started.

You will need

dry macaroni
dry lentils
white glue
cotton bud
red crepe paper


1. Take some small pieces of red crepe paper and roll them between your fingers until they are thin enough to poke inside some macaroni. Use this technique to make nine macaroni candles.

2. Paste the candles onto the card to make a Menorah. Use two pieces of mararoni for the shamash.

3. Using white glue and a cotton bud, paint on the rest of the menorah and decorate using dry lentils.

4. Cut out and paste onto contrasting cardboard to make a card or picture.

3.  Hanukkah activity envelopes

Create some of these easy envelopes and celebrate each day of Hanukkah with a special family activity. For activity inspiration have a look at

You will need

small envelopes
acrylic paint
toblerone box
silver string
miniature pegs


1. Buy or make eight small envelopes. Then dip a Toblerone box (or a piece of card folded and taped to make a triangle) into some acrylic paint and decorate the envelopes with prints of the star of david.

2. Decorate all eight envelopes in this way then allow them to dry.

3. Fill each of the envelopes with some gelt and a special activity (or gift) for each day of Hanukkah. For example:

Here are some ideas for activities to include. You can use some of these or make up your own activities that hold meaning for your family.

• Create a Hanukkah picture or cards
Have a family dreidel game night
Go on a family trip to the movies
Give a gift to charity
Dress up in fancy clothes for dinner
Make sufganiyot (or latkes)

Alternatively, create some vouchers that entitle the recipient to something special, for example, a book of their choice from the local bookshop or the promise of a special outing to the zoo or museum.

4. Number the envelopes if you wish, then peg them to some silver string using miniature pegs.

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