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 ISSUE 53  •   15 JUNE 2008 
   This issue: light and texture


1. Editorial
2. Perspex painting
3. Shimmery glimmery bubble wrap

4. Cellophane leadlights
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1. Editorial

Hello and welcome to Issue 53 of Kids Craft Weekly in which we explore light, texture, transparency and translucency!

Thanks for the great response to the last issue about the creative experience. It's so exciting when I see that people out in blogland are having a go at some of the activities from these newsletters! If you have a moment you should go and have a look at these great blog posts that have been inspired by the last issue of Kids Craft Weekly:

• Em's polar bear chalk drawing on Celtic Mommy
• Nissa's glue quilt on My Little Loves
• Another lovely quilt, this one by Bo, at Penny Carnival

Also, there have been some great additions to the Kids Craft Weekly Flickr pool. Keep in mind that everyone who submits a photo to the pool this month will be in the running for the book of their choice from my favourites list!

One final thing before I leave you to check out the latest crafts. In case you don't t know there's a massive toy sale on at Amazon at the moment with up to 70% off on some of their range. If you have birthdays coming up it might be a good idea to check it out and save some money. Be quick though – the sale ends on June 18.

Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

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2. Perspex painting

We used perspex from a cheap IKEA picture frame as the foundation for this simple and super fun approach to painting.

You will need

• sheet of perspex
acrylic paint


1. We set our sheet of perspex on the easel. If you don't have en easel you could clip it onto a chalk board or just lean it up against a wall.

2. There's nothing tricky about this activity, simply paint on the perspex – it's irresistible!

3. Have some fun. Here I'm crouched behind the perspex sheet while Ella paints my face.

The best thing about it is that when you've finished you can hose the paint off (or use a kitchen sponge soaked in warm soapy water) and start all over again!
3. Shimmery glimmery bubble wrap

I've been stashing bubble wrap for a year in the hope that we could come up with a creative way to use it. Finally I've had an idea for a bubble wrap craft! The kids have already done this five times in the past week so I figure we'll get through the stash in no time!

You will need:

bubble wrap
coloured tissue paper
white glue
food colouring
fine glitter


1. Tear coloured tissue into pieces.

2. Put some white glue in a container and water it down just slightly. Mix, then add a single drop of food colouring.

3. Tip some fine glitter into the glue mixture and
let the little ones stir it round – it's so cool watching the glue change colour.

4. Take a piece of bubble wrap and glue the tissue onto it in whichever way you see fit. You can do it on either side of the bubble wrap – my kids enjoyed painting the glue onto the bumpy side.

5. When the glue dries it will leave a shimmery trail and the tissue paper  becomes translucent.

6. Hang the masterpieces up against the window and admire them.

4. Cellophane leadlight

Look at your local office supply shop to get hold of the plastic sheets for this activity. Alternatively, buy them at Amazon. They are commonly used for binding covers and also for overhead projectors. Buy a pack if you can – they're a great supply to keep in the craft cupboard!

You will need:

plastic or acetate sheets
white glue
permanent markers (optional)


1. Cut cellophane into small pieces.

2. Glue them on to the plastic sheet.

My three year old really enjoyed gluing the pieces willy nilly.

My five year old drew a design with permanent markers and then carefully filled in each of the areas of her drawing using cellophane.

3. Allow to dry and hang on the window. Just lovely!

You'll notice that Ella is signing her artwork these days – not once but twice. She was very pleased with her cellophane leadlights and so she should be. Wouldn't a classroom look great decorated with these!

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