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 ISSUE 75   •   29  JULY 2009  
   This issue: paper cup crafts


1. Editorial
2. Paper cup buckets
3. Paper cup matching game

4. Paper cup lion
5. Paper cup flower pot
6. June photo round-up

1. Editorial

Hello and welcome to another issue of Kids Craft Weekly.

A quick editorial from me this issue as I'm determined to take it easy for the next week or so in order to recover from the hectic holidays!

The whole idea of 'taking it easy' is something I've been thinking about quite often lately. A while ago I read this interesting blog post at Mamamia about the things people (mostly mothers) compromise on in order to stay sane.

After reading through all the comments I stepped away and came to the conclusion that I actually don't do enough to make life easier for myself and that really, I should.

So, for now anyway, I'm going to take some advice from the commenters and cut myself some slack, lower my expectations, try not to sweat the small stuff. Most of all I think I think to stop making myself so many rules.

In fact, I think I should relax on my couch with a cup of tea and have a good look through the advance copy of Amanda Soule's latest book Handmade Homethat arrived unexpectedly in the mail today! How exciting! Review to follow at a later date – presumably when taking it easy has lost some of it's appeal.

Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

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2. Paper cup buckets

These adorable spotty buckets are perfect for collecting treasures, hoarding snacks or for handing out as party favours. 

You will need

paper cups
acrylic paint and brushes
coloured cardboard
hole punch
split pins (brads)
spotty stickers to decorate


1. Paint a paper cup and allow the paint to dry.

2. Cut a strip of coloured cardboard to make a handle. Then punch holes in each end of the handle, and on either side of the paper cup.

3. Attach handle to cup using split pins.

4. Decorate using spotty stickers.

3. Paper cup matching game

This simple game is heaps of fun. It's also a great way to help kids learn shapes and colours and to exercise their memory and concentration. With minimal supplies required, this activity is a good one to keep up your sleeve for a rainy day.

You will need

paper cups
• glue
stickers, foam shapes, bits and bobs (or coloured markers)


1. Collect ten identical paper cups, then use stickers or bits and bobs to make several different sets of two shapes on the bottom of the cups. For example, two circles, two triangles, two squares, two hearts and two stars.

2. To play the game, each person selects two cups and turn them upside down to reveal the shape inside. If the shapes don't match the cups are put back down to their original position and the next player selects two cups to lift up.

3. When cups are matched, they are removed from the line or grid. Each player must aim to collect as many matching cups as possible.

4. Paper cup lion

This cute lion was the hit craft at our place this week. Cutting the lion's head from a paper cup is a simple and satisfying craft for preschool-aged children. In fact, if you wanted to simplify this project just focus on making the lion's head. 

You will need

• paper cups (one per animal)
cardboard rolls (one per animal)
paint and brushes
hole punch
pipecleaner (one per animal)
permanent marker


1. Paint the outside of a small paper paper cup using brown and yellow paint. Then paint the cardboard roll in the same colour.

2. Once the paint is dry, cut around the base of the paper cup about an inch from the bottom. Then cut slits around the cup and fold them up to form a mane.

3. Draw on facial features using a permanent marker.

4. Punch four holes in the cardboard roll where you want the legs to go. Cut a pipecleaner in half, then thread each half through two holes to form the front and back legs. Tape the legs securely in place on the inside of the roll.

5. Wrap wool around the cardboard roll, to give the lion some fuzz and texture. Then tape on a length of wool to form a tail.

6. Carefully glue or tape the head to the body.

5. Paper cup flower pot

Heres a great gift idea for someone special! Use a paper cup to make a flower pot for your favourite home-crafted flower. There are plenty of flower ideas in the Flowers Issue.

You will need

a small paper cup
split peas, lentils, dried beans or decorative rocks


1. Cut two long rectangles from card and fold each of the rectangles in four, lengthwise.

2. Stick the rectangles of card to the sides of the cup to make handles.

3. Paint and decorate your pot as you wish.  Then stand your chosen flower or flowers in the middle and fill the cup with spilt peas, dried lentils, decorative rocks or anything else that is going to keep your flowers upright.

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6. June photo round up

Here is a round-up of some of the wonderful photos submitted to the photo pool in June. It's fabulous to see all those mermaids!

1. 009, 2. gotta add some glitter paint, 3. IMG_7872 [1024x768], 4. IMG_7880 [1024x768], 5. mermaid!, 6. Mermaid and cave

I'm sorry to announce that I'm having to pull the plug on the monthly book giveaway for the time being. Since things started to go awry on the global financial front there has been very little money in the Kids Craft Weekly Amazon kitty and I'm sorry to say that it's now completely empty.

Please continue to add your photos to the pool – it's a wonderful resource – and I will continue to feature a selection of the photographs in the newsletter.

When things pick up, and they will, I'll happily start the monthly giveaway again. Thanks for your understanding.


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