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 ISSUE 22   •   14 JANUARY 2007  
   This issue: parties


1. Editorial
2. Paper plate party hats
3. Teeny tiny party buckets

4. Party animals game
5. Fabulous foil birthday crown
6. This issue's featured subscriber's blog

1. Editorial

Thanks for the terrific response to the dinosaur issue!  Kids Craft Weekly subscriber Melissa has sent in this fabulous dinosaur activity:

"I thought I'd just email you a fun dinosaur idea. I can't take credit, this is my mom's activity but I loved it when I was a kid.

Take a big paper milk carton (or ice cream box) and put in about one inch of water and sprinkle in a few little plastic dinosaurs. Freeze. Continue this pattern until the container is full and dinosaurs are strewn throughout the ice (if you do it all at once they float). Then go on the patio, hand the (older) kid a hammer and let them play paleontologist by chipping away the ice to reveal the dinosaurs. Eventually the melting helps out as well."

And still on dinosaurs. Check out the Kids Craft Weekly photo gallery for some great pictures of all the paper-plate-o-saurus' springing up in households all over the world! If you have a picture to add to the gallery, please email it to me.

The popular paper plate dinosaurs are available as a printable project sheet, along with the teeny tiny spotty buckets from this newsletter. If you have a favourite activity that you'd like to see as a project sheet please let me know.

I hope you enjoy this party issue of Kids Craft Weekly. I'll see you on January 28 for the jungle animals issue.

Amber Carvan

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2. Paper plate party hats

These simple and sturdy hats are great fun to make. Why not set up a creation station at your party and have your guests make their own hats! You can use paper or plastic plates for this craft, but if you're using plastic you should be mindful of sharp edges.

You will need

• large paper plates
glue and items to decorate


1. Staple two paper plates together, facing each other. 

Cut plates in half and decorate with a selection of fancy bits and pieces.

3. Wear masterpiece with pride.

3. Teeny tiny party buckets

These adorable spotty buckets are perfect for collecting treasures, hoarding snacks and for handing out as party favours. Personalise the buckets by painting on the names of your guests and fill them with delicious treats or a small gift. 

Note: This craft idea is available as a printable project sheet. Download a copy of the PDF file (1.2 MB).

You will need

paper cups
acrylic paint and brushes
coloured cardboard
hole punch
split pins (brads)
spotty stickers to decorate


1. Paint a paper cup and allow the paint to dry.

2. Cut a strip of coloured cardboard to make a handle. Then punch holes in each end of the handle, and on either side of the paper cup.

3. Attach handle to cup using split pins.

4. Decorate using spotty stickers.

4. Party animals game

This is a great way to introduce young kids to fun and non-competitive party games. Sit the children in the circle and let them each have a go at rolling the dice and acting like the animal that they roll. When every child has had a go present the group with a reward, such as a sweet treat or small gift for every child.

We did a trial run this weekend and it proved a great hit – even for our not quite two year old, as he could recognise the animals and make the appropriate animal sounds too!

For older kids (aged five and up), write simple and fun activities on each piece of paper, such as 'run around the circle', 'shake the hands of the people next to you' and 'give the birthday girl a tickle'.

You will need

a square (or squarish) box
acrylic paint and brush
coloured paper


1. Find an appropriate box or carton and give it a good test throw before you start to make sure it doesn't land on the same side each time. Seal any open box edges with masking tape and paint box.

2. Cut six pieces of coloured paper into squares.

3. Draw a different animal on each piece of paper and stick firmly onto each side of the box.


5. Fabulous foil birthday crown

This spectacular foil crown can be easily made from materials that you're likely to have on hand. Children under five will need help with the folding and cutting, but will enjoy gluing on the 'jewels' and wearing the crown with pride! This activity was Ella's favourite for the week, even though she wasn't able to do it all herself.

You will need

aluminium foil
white glue


1. Take a two page spread from a broadsheet newspaper and fold it in half, then in half again, and again until you get a thick length of newspaper that is approximately 10 cms (4 inches) wide and long enough to comfortably fit around a child's head.

2. Wrap the newspaper in a length of aluminium foil, and tape the end down.

3. Cut out the peaks of the crown. For longevity, leave flat edges on the top of the peaks so  that the foil and paper doesn't seperate.

4. Scrunch small squares of coloured cellophane and stick them onto the crown to form jewels

5. Once the glue is dry, staple or tape the crown together.

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6. This issue's featured subscriber's blog

62cherry – tales of sewing, family and a little bit of rock-n-roll

"My husband and baby girl mean more to me than anything in the whole wide world. I believe that family and friends are the most important things in life. I live in Melbourne Australia. Spring is my favourite season, ohhhh the smell of jasmine in the air."

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