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 ISSUE 10   •   17 SEPTEMBER 2006  
   This week's theme: pigs


1. Editorial: Gifts that kids can help to make
2. MAKE: a balloon piglet
3. MAKE: a hairy bottle pig
4. MAKE: a squishy sock pig
5. MAKE: a luxury pig sty
6. BONUS: piggy felt badge for kids
7. More pig ideas
8. This week's featured subscriber's blog

1. Editorial: Gifts that kids can help to make

My mother still has a box of cards and gifts that me and my siblings made for her when we were growing up. I too reserve a special place for things that my kids have made for me. When it comes to gifts, there's nothing quite as special as receiving a handmade gift from a child.

I think that the process involved in making a gift for someone is just as important as the outcome.

First you have to come up with meaningful and achievable ideas, then decide on a project and ultimately, you spend quality time reflecting on your relationship with that person while you're making their gift. Then of course there's the joy of handing it over!

This week, to celebrate ten issues I have put together called 'Ten crafty gift ideas that kids can help to make'. 

This resource is one that you can turn to for inspiration if you need help putting together a Mother's Day or Father's Day gift, or perhaps a birthday present for a family member or special friend.

I hope to add more ideas to it over the coming months so if you have your own ideas do let me know – I'd love to hear them.

Happy crafting and I'll see you next week!

Amber Carvan

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2. MAKE: a balloon piglet

This little piggy is fast and fun to create. For a memorable crafting session I suggest you buy a pack of balloons and make a whole litter of piglets – maybe even a big mummy or daddy pig to look after them all!

Only two things to look out for – don't try to pull tape off the balloon (pop!) and watch where you put the match stick legs as the nose can make this little piggy quite top heavy.

You will need

• a balloon
four matchsticks
sticky tape
a plastic lid
scraps of felt (or pieces of paper) for ears
black dot stickers for eyes, or just draw a dot with a black marker

1. Blow a small puff of air into the balloon.

2. Tape on the lid as a nose. Then tape on the four matchstick legs.

3. Cut felt into two triangles and tape them onto the balloon as ears.

4. Stick black stickers for eyes, or just draw some eyes with a black marker.

3. MAKE: a hairy piggy bottle

This little piggy sports an impressive hairy coat and can be used as a piggy bank, or a secret storage spot for precious things.

You will need

• a plastic drink bottle with lid*
four corks or cotton reels for legs
scraps of yarn
two small black buttons for eyes
two ears cut from a dish sponge
sticky tape
kids pvc glue
rubber band cut in one spot
bottle ring

*If you wish to use this pig as a piggy bank, cut a coin slot with a sharp knife in the bottle before you start. Alternatively, store secrets inside the pig by unscrewing the lid.

1. The first thing that we did was glue (and then tape) on the ears, but in hindsight I think this should be left to the very end as they keep falling off. So, first up, I'd suggest that you stick on the button eyes and tape short lengths of yarn to the bottle to make your pig good and hairy.

2. Tape a cut rubber band tail to the pig's rear and glue on the corks/cotton reel legs and allow to dry.

3. Finally, glue or tape on the sponge ears and tape the bottle ring to the pig's snout.

4. MAKE: a squishy sock pig

This little piggy won the 'kids favourite' award this week. Ella particularly liked the fact that she could create and then dismantle the pig just so that she could create it again (very postmodern, I know!).  After being pulled apart and put back together about ten times, sock pig was taken to bed for a cuddle where he disintegrated at some point during the night.

You will need

• an old sock
plastic lid
stuffing (I used polyfill but you could use rags or even paper)
black dot stickers for eyes
two bulldog clips
four pegs

1. Put the lid inside the sock to give your pig a good snout, then stuff the sock firmly to desired length.

2. Twist leftover sock at the end and fold over the rear of the pig.

3. Attach pegs as legs.

4. Attach bulldog clips as ears.

5. Wind pipecleaner around your finger, then pull off and jab or tape it on the rear of the pig. Finally, add sticker eyes, or draw some on using a marker (if you don't mind ruining your sock).

5. MAKE: a luxury pig sty

Every self-respecting pig needs a home and after all, they can't all live with George Clooney! This sty will do just the trick – choose a box that best suits your favourite pig and get started.

You will need

• a cardboard box
paddlepop (pop) sticks
kids pvc glue

1. Cut the top out of the box and glue the sticks along the outside.

2. At Ella's insistence we also gave the pig some comfy straw to sleep on and made a food bowl complete with piggy food but I had to draw the line at a piggy blanket and bath!

6. BONUS: piggy felt badge for kids

Felt badges are simple to put together and make very popular gifts for young children. If you're interested in making one for your child you can download the instructions and pattern (PDF, 300 KB).

7. More pig ideas

•  Make cupcakes and decorate them to look like pigs
•  Paint a sheet of pigs using a potato print for the body
•  Create a pig mask from a paper plate and drinking cup
•  Play a game of pin the tail on the piggy
•  See how many pigs you can draw on a single piece of paper.

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8. This week's featured subscriber's blog

The Little Brown Blog

"Darcie Brown is director of The Little Brown Music Studio in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. She is a music and child development specialist and licensed Kindermusik educator. She is a wife to Jason and a mommy to Xander (01.09.03) and Lexi (06.25.06)."

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