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Good old-fashioned outdoor diversions for young kids

The best outdoor diversions are those that require very few supplies and only a little preparation. Read more

What do I do with all this artwork?
If your home is awash with kid's art, do not fear! Read through these great ideas from Kids Craft Weekly subscribers and be inspired.

Simple tree ornaments for young kids
There's nothing quite like hanging your very own ornaments on the Christmas tree. Here are some fun and easy tree ornaments that kids can make themselves.

Easy Christmas cards for kids
Let the little ones channel their excitement and energy into card-making this holiday season. Here are four fabulous christmas card ideas for children young and old.

Crafty gift ideas that kids can help to make
When it comes to gifts, there's nothing quite as special as receiving a handmade gift from a child. This list of crafty gift ideas are ones that kids can help to create. Read more

Tips for crafting with kids

Crafting creates a perfect opportunity for parents and kids to have fun together. However, many of us can attest to the fact that when things go bad the results can be disastrous (and v messy!).  Read more

The essential useful box
There's nothing worse than deciding on a particular activity and then being forced to renege when you realise you don't have one or more of the essential supplies. Every house with a crafty little person inside needs to have a useful box, and importantly, that useful box needs to be useful.  Read more

Getting great mileage from a weekly theme
The great thing about having a weekly theme is that you can choose to take it as far as you want to. When things are too crazy you might want to do the bare minimum, but if your little one is completely captivated by a particular subject you can go all out. Read more

Twelve simple, no fuss craft ideas
There's a lot to be said for elaborate and spectacular craft projects but sometimes you just need something quick and easy to keep the kids busy for those last twenty minutes before dinner is ready.  Read more

Simple and absorbing activities for young children
When looking for ways to stimulate young minds it is so often a case of simple is best. Here are some ideas for simple activities that have the potential to utterly absorb young children.  Read more

Easy craft ideas for tiny little fingers
Your little one may be too young to colour in, paint or cut and paste, but they're never too young to craft! Here are some breathtakingly simple craft ideas that are suitable for the world's youngest crafters. Read more


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