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Simple and absorbing activities for young children

When looking for ways to stimulate young minds it is so often a case of simple is best. Here are some ideas for simple activities that have the potential to utterly absorb young children. 

Sharpening pencils
A pencil case with a selection of coloured pencils and a sharpener is a great thing to have handy when you get stuck waiting in the doctor's office with your preschooler. If possible, choose a pencil sharpener with a removable lid so that you don't have to worry about shavings all over the ground.

Winding wool
A ball of wool can be wound onto something else (like a cotton reel) or simply into a new ball. You think it sounds too simple? Try it and see if you change your mind.

Spooning lentils
Prepare a table with a bowl, a saucepan, a scoop, a spoon and half a cup of uncooked lentils or beans. When the fun is over provide a dustpan and  brush for sweeping up.

Spraying water and wiping
A water sprayer, a cloth and access to windows or other surfaces to clean can be a popular summertime activity.

Washing and drying
Get together some plastic containers and provide a warm tub of soapy water in which to wash them up along with a tea towel for drying.

Pegging clothes
Set up a child friendly clothes line and a basket of pegs. You could use a sturdy clothes rack with thin rails or suspend a line of string between two hooks. Old baby clothes can be good for practising hanging, and can also be used to dress soft toys.

Put three different types of dried pasta or beans into a bowl and three cups in which to sort them.

If you have any other simple and absorbing activity ideas please get in touch.


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