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 ISSUE 38   •   26  AUGUST 2007  
   This issue: outer space


1. Editorial
2. Simple flying saucer
3. Around-the-house rocket

4. Squishy space aliens
5. Space shuttle picture
6. Great stuff and special deals
7. Featured subscriber blog

1. Editorial

Welcome to the 'outer space' issue of Kids Craft Weekly! Thanks so much to subscribers Megan and Christine who suggested the theme!

I've got a truly inspired list of subscriber-suggested themes now – next issue I think we'll tackle 'puppets' which was suggested by Beth. Thanks so much to everyone who wrote in with ideas. I'm sorry if I haven't responded to you but I'm running horribly behind with my emails at the moment.

Many people have been writing in with problems regarding their subscription to Kids Craft Weekly. This week I've put up a new subscription help page that will save you having to wait forever for a response from me. This page is well worth reading if you are having problems with your subscription or if you have subscribed with a yahoo email address!

To finish off this thoroughly random editorial, here are some links that I've enjoyed reading this week:

Angry Chicken thinks about toys in the context of yet another major toy recall
• Tracie from Nature Nurture makes rainforests from sticks and boxes
• Tiny Happy and her children set up a 'change of season' table
Lapbooking – I'd never heard of it until I read this. Now I'm intrigued.
That's all from me for now. Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

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2. Simple flying saucer

The hardest part about making this simple flying saucer was trying to explain to my kids what a flying saucer is!  Aside from that, the experience was a very simple and successful one that even saw some cooperative crafting between siblings which is quite unusual around these parts.

You will need

• two paper plates, preferably deep ones
a plastic 'frappuccino' lid
white glue
aluminium foil
colourful beads


1. Glue on the plastic lid to the bottom of one of the paper plates and allow it to dry overnight. Then
staple together the two plates.

2. Decorate as desired. We used scrunched up balls of aluminium foil and lots of beads.

3. Not bad for a couple of paper plates. I think these UFOs would look great decorated with glow in the dark stickers and suspended from the ceiling!

3. Around-the-house rocket

Three-two-one blast off! This fun rocket can be easily made from items you're likely to have on hand. Once it was finished, my four-year-old daughter declared that it was her favourite thing in the world and has taken to sleeping with it beside her bed.

You will need

• cardboard tube
aluminium foil
sticky tape
orange or red cellophane


1. Squish together some aluminium foil to make a nose cone. If you don't get it right first time, just keep adding layers of foil until it's roughly the right size and shape to fit your cardboard tube. Then, tape it in place.

2. Place your tube on some cardboard and use a marker to roughly draw some rocket 'fins'. My geeky friends assure me that they're called 'stabilisers' but I think I'll stick with 'fins' for the time being.

3. Cut the fins out (in one piece). Then use a knife to disect your tube down the centre and slip the fins in place. Tape them to keep them secure.

4. Use glue and a brush to stick foil pieces onto the outside of the rocket. We also had some silver contact paper so we used pieces of that also.

5. Once it's finished, add some windows or stripes in a contrasting colour.

6. Finally, scrunch up some cellophane and stick it into the bottom of the rocket to make exhaust flames!

7. And ta-da! Ready to carry around with you all week and squabble with your siblings over.

4. Squishy space aliens

I think it's a good time to re-cap this simple home made play dough recipe. My husband, who will readily admit that he's not very good in the kitchen, made a batch the other day and it turned out beautifully – despite not following the directions properly! Team some playdough with a collection of bibs and bobs from around the house and you will have all you need to make some fun squishy aliens.

You will need

• 1 cup of water
• 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
• 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar
• half a cup of salt
• food colouring
• 1 cup flour
• a saucepan
• bibs and bobs


1. Combine the water, oil, salt, cream of tartar and food colouring in a saucepan.

2. Heat on the stove until warm, then remove from the heat, add flour and stir.

3. Knead for five minutes or until dough is smooth.

4. Find yourself some bibs and bobs and see who can make the funniest alien.

5. Space shuttle picture

This three-dimensional space shuttle picture involves a number of fun and absorbing steps, making it a great ‘quiet time’ or rainy day activity.

You will need

free printable space shuttle picture project sheet (PDF, 900KB)
black cardboard
coloured cardboard
stars (stickers or glue-on)
curling ribbon (or cellophane)


1. Download the free printable project sheet (PDF, 900KB) and print it onto thin card.

2. Decorate the shuttle shape as you wish.

3. Cut out the shuttle and fold in the wings along the dashed lines.

4. Tape on some curling ribbon to the underside of the shuttle to make 'flames'.

5. Apply glue to the underside of the wings and paste the shuttle onto black cardboard, forming a cylinder in the process.

6. Add stars, planets and other spacecraft as you wish.

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7. Featured subscriber blog

Ada Sunday

"After completing some courses (including a dip ed) I've decided that what I really like doing is painting and drawing and making stuff. I do this in whatever free moments I get while taking care of my two sons, aged nearly four and nearly two."

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